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Sequential Whiskey Tasting Book


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Allow me to present the Sequential Whiskey Tasting Book - the tasting tool whiskey sommeliers use to train their senses. They’re the kind of weekend field journal you use on the African savanna. Not too thick. Just enough to jot a few notes in while you track a pack of deadly hyenas. The heavy tan card-stock cover looks more at home in your gear bag than on a bookshelf. These things are made to be used, not looked at. They’re practical and rugged, like Ron Swanson in jeans and flannel. Don’t look for fancy here.

I have several fancy whiskey notebooks. You know where they end up? Sitting on my shelf untouched. They’re too pretty and polished to use, let alone take anywhere.

Conversely, these little whiskey field journals feel perfectly right sitting open next to you at the bar. The brief instructions and 19 whiskey tasting charts contained within are just enough for any whiskey excursion. They’re the kind of thing Teddy Roosevelt would’ve tucked in an inside pocket while riding a moose across a flooded river.

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Sequential Deductive Whiskey Tasting Book Cover.JPG

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  • 19 Sequential Whiskey Tasting Charts

  • Helpful Instructions

  • 8.5in. x 5.5in.

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