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Samples Mailing Kit


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You and your friends would like to trade samples of…(ahem)…iced tea. Sometimes your friend can get iced tea that’s not available where you live, and vice versa. So, you want to send each other tasters. This makes sense. I mean, how else are you going to try that delicious golden tea?

But where do you get sample bottles from? And how do you package them? And how much does shipping cost?

We’ve taken the guesswork out of mailing samples.

With this mailer kit you can send five, one-ounce samples back and forth quickly. The handmade wooden holder keeps your mini bottles safe and secure. It fits perfectly in a USPS small flat rate box. That means the box is free, you know how much shipping costs, and it’ll get there in three days or less.

Fill it. Box it. Send it. Done.

Did we mention that the wood shipper doubles as a display? Yeah, it’s got a kickstand. You know what else has a kickstand? Motorcycles. And bikes are pretty cool.

So get your samples mailing kit and send some iced tea or any other drink you'd like to trade. It’s like riding a Harley.

Helmet not included.

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Additional Info

You're getting:

  • 5 Food Grade Glass Bottles, 1 oz. each

  • 1 Handmade Wood Bottle Shipper

  • 1 Samples Description Card

  • 5 Stickers Numbered 1-5

Order two and we'll split ship to your address and a friend's at no extra charge. Just enter their name and address in the additional info box at checkout. 

Each wood holder is handmade. That means each one has unique fire toasting patterns and no two look exactly alike. Pretty cool, right?

Unfortunately, this mailing kit is not available for international shipping. Vocal Goat LLC and affiliates are not responsible for the manner in which you use this product. Please see terms and conditions.