Whisk(e)y Warrior Award Shield Bearers

For centuries when hand-to-hand battles were fought, warriors had someone who went into the battle with them to support them with supplies and resources. The Shield Bearer’s primary purpose was to help the warrior battle to victory. 

Below are the names of the Whisk(e)y Warrior Award Shield Bearers. These brave souls have stepped up and pledged to support this Award. With their help our battle for a better, more inclusive and fun whiskey community will surely end in victory.

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The following Shield Bearers have our deepest thanks and gratitude:

Whisk(e)y Warrior War Council

Don Ruger

Whisk(e)y Warrior Pirate

Ernest Poe, Jeffrey Horner

Whisk(e)y Warrior Ninja

Pat Kane

Whisk(e)y Warrior Pikeman