WHISKEY Tasting Chart


Sequential Tasting Method™

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What is the SEQUENTIAL Tasting chart?

It's not another flavor wheel.

It’s the next step in tasting note evolution.

It’s deductive like Sherlock Holmes.

You’ll be able to pick up any glass of whiskey, glance at the color, take a couple whiffs, a sip, and know things like age, region, and base grain all without ever having seen the whiskey before. The smallest of clues will unveil a host of information to your keen senses.

Of course, any skill worth having takes time and practice to acquire. But something tells me you won’t mind. 

Are you ready to get more from your golden dram?

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Whiskey is a gift. Learn more. Enjoy better.

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Want to know how to use your tasting sheet in the best way? We’ve created a free resource. Click here to teach yourself the Sequential Tasting Method™