Whisk(e)y Wisdom

Whiskey: Why Have Enemies When You Can Have Friends?


LeAnne and I rent an apartment. The owners are selling the real estate where our apartment is located. So they hired a realtor and told us when he’d be coming to take pictures of our place. If I’m being honest, being told you have to let someone come into your home to take pictures of your private space felt like a serious intrusion. This did not sit well with me. The time came and the realtor knocked on our door. I wasn’t pleased but invited him in. As he looked around he noticed and then complimented our whiskey library. Then he started talking about his favorite whiskeys and why he liked them. In short order we had a lively conversation going over a shared love of whiskey.

The photographer he’d brought with him came in, took his pictures, and then also joined our whiskey conversation. After a little bit, they started to leave when I said, “Hey I don’t know what the rest of your afternoon looks like, but if you’re interested, would you like to sample some of those whiskeys we talked about?” They both said they’d love to! And so we spent the next hour in an impromptu whiskey tasting. It was great and when they left, it felt like two friends leaving instead of two intruders.

I’m adding this experience to the many other times I’ve made friends over whiskey. It never ceases to amaze me how whiskey acts as a social unifier. And I’ve learned you can turn a frustrating situation into an enjoyable experience when you’re sharing something you love with others.

Why have enemies when you can have friends?

— Zac Smith