Mouth Breathers Get More From Their Whiskey


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If you’re a fan of Netflix’ show Stranger Things or if you follow certain etiquette, then you know that breathing with your mouth open can have a negative connotation. But I’m here to tell you when it comes to nosing whiskey, who cares what the squares say? Get more from your whiskey. Breath with your mouth open!

Keeping your mouth open a little while you smell your whiskey is probably the fastest and easiest way to better your nosing game. Try it. You’ll be instantly glad you did. You’ll start picking out aromas you didn’t have access to before.

Why does this work?

It has to do with taking advantage of ethanol’s good qualities while venting off the bad. Good ol’ ethanol. It makes you feel good. It even helps carry aromatics up into your nose. But once it’s there, it absolutely gets in the way of smelling things. That’s because ethanol has an anesthetizing effect on your nose. It dulls and numbs your sense of smell. How do you stop this from happening?

This is where being a mouth breather comes in handy. When you nose whiskey with your mouth open it vents the ethanol vapors out. Like smoke rising out of the chimney of Laura Ingalls’ little house on the prairie. No more vapors. No more nose numbness. (Say that five times fast)

— Zac Smith