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What is a Whiskey Sommelier?

When was the last time you were out to dinner and you felt really taken care of?

I mean really, really well taken care of. The kind of service that makes you feel like The Count of Monte Cristo. Like you’ve got buckets of gold and treasure and you’re the most important person in the room.  

It’s probably been awhile, right?

Sounds like you could use a whiskey sommelier.

What’s a whiskey sommelier?

A whiskey sommelier, or whisky sommelier, is a trained and knowledgeable whiskey expert who makes your whiskey more enjoyable. A whiskey sommelier does this by making recommendations as well as whiskey and food pairings. Every aspect of presentation is used by a whisky sommelier to enhance your whiskey experience.

Now, if you’re like me you’re likely thinking, “Sure, a nice evening of top notch whiskey service sounds nice, but who’s got the coin for that? And wait. Isn’t the word sommelier French? That probably means it’s extra expensive.”

Ok you’re partially right.

A nice evening of top notch whiskey service would be nice. And yes, nobody is giving that kind of thing away for free. But you don’t have to be The Count of Monte Cristo to afford it.

So, there’s a special event you want to make more special by hiring a whiskey sommelier to come pour, present, and guide you through a whiskey tasting. Or maybe you’re even a bar or restaurant owner or event planner and you want to enlist the services of a somm to come design a whiskey menu or train your staff. You’ve decided to spend the money on this but there’s still one question unanswered.

How do you get a whiskey sommelier to work for you?


You ask.

Now, before you accuse me of being a smart aleck I’m going to tell you where to find sommeliers and how to contact them by giving you a link to all the certified whiskey sommeliers.

Click this link to a world-wide listing of certified whiskey sommeliers.

And no, I’m not making anything off of this.

I just thought it would be helpful. Because…

When was the last time you felt really taken care of?

— Zac Smith