Whisk(e)y Warriors

July 2018 Whisk(e)y Warrior Award™


On the first of every month, someone is awarded the prodigious title of Whisk(e)y Warrior. A question and answer interview is conducted with the valiant warrior, and then distributed to the world! What is a Whisk(e)y Warrior? Find out more by clicking here.

And now, we proudly present your Whisk(e)y Warrior.

She’s a high-altitude heroine. She fires poignant questions for the people like a trained archer. A far trekking tippler tasting life’s top tonic. She wields wise whiskey words like a broadsword overhead. She is…

The Bourbon Girl, Whisk(e)y Warrior!

Whiskey Warrior Pic July 2018.jpg


Zac: Where in the U.S. do you live?

The Bourbon Girl: I currently live in Colorado, outside of Denver. Me and my family have lived here about seven years.

Zac: Very nice. Where are you originally from?

BG: Originally, I’m from Arizona. Grew up there pretty much my whole life. My whole family lives there.


Zac: Have you always been a whiskey drinker?

BG: I have not always been a whiskey drinker.


Zac: How long have you been into whiskey?

BG:  I have been into whiskey and bourbon for about, I got to think, it’s been…probably five years ago, six years ago. But I didn’t really fully get into appreciating it and adventuring into different bottles and types until about the last year and a half.


Zac: So, what prompted you? Is it something you just stumbled into or did a friend introduce you to it?

BG: Actually, a friend did. One of my best friends lived in Utah and we just finished a work function and decided to go and do a High West distillery tour. I thought the distillery tour was fantastic. The way that they actually made whiskey and it kind of just sparked my interest from there.


Zac: Very cool. Now, you’re part of a podcast. What is the name of the podcast and what is it about?

BG: I’m a part of the podcast called The Drinking Darlings with two other Darlings, two other girls. We’re a female podcasting group and we’re all about imbibing and educating the bourbon community. We target and focus on our female counterparts because there’s a lot of women out there wanting to explore but not familiar with how to.


Zac: And what would you consider your role in the trio to be?

BG: I always say I’m the green one. I am the girl who is still kind of learning in this whole adventure. So, I like to say that I bring more…I probably represent a lot out there who are learning. Like when I taste bourbon and whiskey, a lot of the times I only taste vanilla or caramel. It’s really hard for me to bring out notes. So, you know I’m learning so I can kind of get down to that level where people can relate to me.


Zac: When you’re not doing podcasts and whiskey stuff, what do you like to do for fun?

BG: I am a huge fan of hiking. Being that I live in the beautiful state of Colorado I try to get outdoors as much as I can and enjoy our mountains. I also spend a lot of time with my family too. I’m married, and I have two kids. I have two boys, so I spend quite a bit of time with them as well.


Zac: That’s awesome. What’s your day job?

BG: I am a registered nurse. I don’t practice direct patient care. I actually do medical device sales as a clinical manager. So, I travel sometimes, and sometimes I stay local.


Zac: What’s your best words of wisdom for new whiskey drinkers?

BG: I would say learn a little bit about the spirit, about what you’re drinking. Take a little bit of time to educate yourself prior to going out and trying to buy that one specific bottle because there are so many different types of bottles that might be best suited for beginners vs. somebody who has a more mature pallet.


Zac: Do you have a favorite whiskey and TV-show pairing?

BG: Billions. It’s on Showtime.


Zac: What’s the most exciting part of winning the Whisk(e)y Warrior Award?

BG: I never thought I’d be a Whiskey Warrior. Honestly, what I do think, is that to win the Whiskey Warrior Award doesn’t mean you have to be super whiskey savvy and knowledgeable. You guys focus on people out there that are big contributors to the whiskey society, it’s not all about how much you know. And that’s what makes me most excited.


Zac: If I were visiting your area in Colorado, is there a bar or restaurant you’d recommend for whiskey?

BG: I personally love to go to this… it’s not super fancy but it’s The White Chocolate Grill that’s in Lone Tree, CO. They have a fantastic selection of whiskies and bourbons for you know a pretty decent price. I like to go there and just kind of sit at the bar and taste different ones. I like to taste things before I actually buy them.


Zac: Thanks for the recommendation! And thank you for taking the time for this interview, and many thanks for all the ways you’re contributing to the whiskey community!


If you want to connect with The Bourbon Girl, then follow her on Instagram @the_bourbon_girl. And definitely give a listen to The Drinking Darlings podcast, you won’t regret it. The next award will be released August 1st. We’ll see you then and remember to nominate your favorite Whisk(e)y Warriors by clicking here!

— Zac Smith